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World is a Village is a worldwide community that connects families to ease the organization of linguistic travels for the children. Parents can meet, exchange and organize their child's trip with a chosen family, within a safe community.

Sign up now and meet great families who are ready to discuss with you to organize your children’ travel and hosting. Once you have registered and completed your family profile, we offer you 10 free nights to organize your first travel of your child.

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World is a Village, a unique worldwide community made of verified families.

At World is a Village, we see everyday how much the children who travel are enriched by the new cultures and languages they have discovered. We think that homestay travel is one of the best experiences to help children grow.

We offer a new way to book trips for your children while parents can get to know the host family and directly chat with the chosen parents to decide how your child will be hosted.

Hundreds of children already travel abroad with World is a Village!

World is a Village is a worldwide platform where parents can present themselves, their children, their lovely homes and the way they all live together. They can meet with other verified families, discuss directly with them to organise their child’s homestay experience for their next holiday.

Everyday, parents are discussing on the platform to meet and define the trip and the host of their child. The access to the community make the organisation transparent, easy and pleasant for parents and children.

Connect with the host family for your child
Launch video chat directly with the family to meet each others
Book the travel for your child, and we assure the travel

You only pay 150€ as travel fee (insurance is an option you can activate or not).


How We Made World is a Village a Safe Place

We know that trust is a major question for homestay travel for your children. As a consequence, we designed World is a Village to be the safest place on earth to book linguistic and cultural trips.

Onboarding verified families from companies, schools or association is one of the key. Giving the freedom to parents to meet directly the hosting family is a second one.

Want to know more? Read more about How we made World is a Village a safe place.

Find a Homestay to Make Your Children Grow, or Host a Children!

World is a Village is a community where families can find a host for their next children’s linguistic trip. Hosting a child to share your family's way of life is also an opportunity, but not a duty!

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Send your child abroad within a verified family.
Host a child, and make them discover your family's way of life!

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